(Tips for products from the webshop)

I have made the cutting boards in the webshop with care and attention, and I hope you will enjoy usingit for a long time! If you follow below advice, your cutting board will serve you for many years to come.  

1) Cleaning 

It is best to clean wooden cutting boards with a clean, moist cloth. If that is not sufficient, rinsing it under the tap will help.  Dry the cutting board carefully, and leave it to dry in in a cool and dry spot. If the cutting board has become very dirty, it helps to rub it with coarse (sea) salt and white vineagar or lemon juice and give it a good scrub. When you're done scrubbing it, rinse the board under the tap, dry carefully and leave it to dry further. Don't forget to give your cutting board some oil after this!

2) Taking care 

Cutting boards need regular care. Giving your cutting board some oil once a month will keep it in good shape. Grapeseed oil is perfect for this! Olive oil is not advised, it will make the cutting board sticky and it will attract dirt.  It may look like an awful lot of work, but it makes sure your cutting board stays n good shape (pun intended!)

3) Please don't! 

Never expose a wooden cutting board for a prolonged period to moist: it will bend or crack. Never put your cutting board in full sunlight, or close to a source of extreme heat, like a stove. And please (!) never put a cutting board in a dishwasher! The extreme heat and moist, and the chemicals, will destroy it beyond repair. 

4) One more thing 

I have made the cutting boards with care. If you are not satisfied with your cutting board, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me (see warranty also). If the defect is caused by me, I will correct the mistake or refund within one year after your purchase. A wooden cutting board may wear after time, i can resurface your cutting board at a reasonable cost for you. 

I hope this cutting board will serve you faithfully for many years to come. May it help you in preparing or serving many good meals with loved ones, and be witness to lots of beautiful long evenings with wine and cheese (for instance ;)!

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